Parent Slogans

Welcome to Parent Slogans, where parenthood meets puns, and chuckles meet charm. We’re delighted to have you here, as we celebrate the rollercoaster ride that is parenting with a dose of humor and a splash of style.


Made from soft, durable materials, our shirts are designed to withstand all that parenting throws at you. With a range of slogans that capture the many facets of parenthood, our t-shirts are perfect for casual wear or making a statement at your next parent-teacher meeting.

Sweatshirts and Hoodies

For those chilly mornings at the playground or cozy evenings at home, our sweatshirts are your go-to. They come in a variety of designs, each featuring a catchy slogan that encapsulates the joys and challenges of being a parent. They are soft, warm, and undeniably stylish.

Coffee Mugs and Accessories

Kickstart your day with a smile with our limited-edition coffee mugs. Each one features a funny slogan that’s sure to resonate with parents everywhere. They make the perfect companion for those early mornings, late nights, and any moment in between.  Be sure to browse through our growing collection of accessories as well.